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Inspirations for Autumn Winter 2014
What lead us to the street style inspiration.
19th Dec, 2014


After performing a series of photoshoots for our first two collections, we came to an observation that the clients don't merely associate themselves with the face of the resulting pictures. They will only believe in a product when they see one of their friends wearing it, or when they try it themselves. So for someone to actually believe in your product, one has to perform a series of expensive and time eating photoshoots, and yet convince the clientele to try it, and maybe, if you've got them to try it, they'll buy it. This whole process is very cumbersome, and not always fruitful. So we tried a different approach this time. With Scott Schuman in town just a while back, the street style inspiration was already in the air. And we tried combining these two approaches that resulted in an all new experience, and a beautiful product. We got our clients to model for our photoshoot. Now this approach solved a lot of issues we were not consciously aware of. First, the clients actually believed they could buy our products. Getting all clients under one roof resulted in them interacting with one another. This lead them to know that while each of them belonged to different demographic and psychographic segments, all of them could find clothes suitable for their body type and their sense of style. Secondly, we attracted a lot of traffic (something we had not thought through). We all know social media dominates any other marketing approach. And even with so many internet users, it's a challenge to tap that area succesfully. With these pictures, we didn't only bring the attention of our existing consumers to our products, we also attracted the "friends" of our clients to our page. And this went on to friends of friends and so on. The traffic recieved was immense, and the effort was absolutely worth it.


Something we have realised from this exercise, it really doesn't matter which approach you take. It's all about constantly re-inventing yourself. Even the biggest of brands struggle with this approach. And being a relatively young label in the business, we don't have a reason not to experiment. 




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